Portable A/C Systems

Manufactured in Zelienople, PA, the A/CTM air-conditioner with its heavy duty construction provides large volume of cool air anywhere. Unit is portable and completely enclosed in a weatherproof cabinet. Storage is also provided for the heavy duty flexible ducts within the cabinet.

Industrial Portable AC System

480V Portable Air Conditioning Unit from Union Chill

A/CTM Trailer AC/Heating System Features:

Ducted – The All-Season Machine – In the cooling mode, the A/CTM provides large volumes of cool air. Flip a switch and the A/CTM will produce safe 100% uncontaminated heat. The A/CTM provides both cooling and heating from the same unit.

Rugged Portability– Heavy duty construction ensures that the A/CTM’s can be pulled over super highways or through remote wilderness.

Cool/Heat several Areas Simultaneously – The flexible duct system moves the cool or heated air to any location. A wide variety of duct sizes from 6″ to 24″ diameter ensures maximum capacity where it is needed. transition plates allow several different areas to be cooled/heated simultaneously from the same A/CTM.

Weatherproof Construction – The A/CTM is completely enclosed within a solidly constructed weatherproof cabinet. Storage is also provided for the heavy duty flexible ducts within the cabinet.

Available Models

  • A/CTM 7.5 – heating – 90,000 BTUH – Cooling – 7.5 tons
  • A/CTM 10 – heating – 120,000 BTUH – Cooling – 10 tons
  • A/CTM 20 – heating – 240,000 BTUH – Cooling – 20 tons
  • A/CTM 30 – heating – 360,000 BTUH – Cooling – 30 tons
  • A/CTM 50 – heating – 600,000 BTUH – Cooling – 50 tons